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Welcome to 101 Central

We exist to honor the timeless history of gathering people and holding them with the highest regard.
We serve the modern tourist and steadfast local alike, both who value authenticity, familiarity, and a damn good night out.

While the secret of Whitefish may be out, from its colorful history to its rapid rise as a global hotspot, we believe those two truths are not mutually exclusive. Imagine a place where old town charm meets modern sophistication.
The noble pursuit of excellence, the discipline of gratitude, and each other above all

The Stories

HerbOmni with Rosemary 5.18

Our purpose is to nourish herbivores and omnivores with real food sourced as close to home as possible from purveyors who hold their ingredients in the highest regard.

Welcome to Herb and Omni inside 101 Central, an historic gathering space creating memorable experiences on every level for those who appreciate a balance of luxury and comfort.

Our founding team are seasoned entrepreneurs with experience creating award-winning restaurant concepts. Our locally sourced menus which offer both plant-based and carnivore friendly options are curated by Justin Kingsley Hall, a world-renowned executive chef who has worked with The James Beard Foundation.

Our dedicated service team is filled with familiar faces that boast strong Montana roots. In short, at Herb and Omni inside 101 Central, you’ll enjoy a warm atmosphere, wise food, and elevated entertainment

Vintage Pop

The Vintage Pop show brings to life the glitz & glamour of the jazz era while putting a fresh retro spin on the chart topping hits of today. The dazzling vocals, tap dancing, and crazy cool sounds of our 8-piece Second Story Band will ignite the stage and mash up musical influences from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. Enjoy vintage covers of eclectic pop songs by artists like Meghan Trainer, Elton John, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Dua Lipa and many more.

Have an exquisite dinner at Herb & Omni and come up to the Second Story for some Vintage Pop

Join us on Friday nights in December for The Second Story Band

Open 101

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